Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Vesd interface

      The development of expert systems is the constitution of knowledge base that makes up a set of rules and a set of facts. In practice the development of this type of application is very heavy when it exceeds the certain rules, it becomes difficult to understand how the expert system "reasons". My effort is to create a software tool simple and easy to use to develop and design expert systems by setting the rules without the need of programming with a type of specific language in computer science. More importantly, it allows also to visualize and understand how the expert system reasons, with which can modify and correct a set of rules and facts, it is a declarative development of expert system tool.

      Today, software, Internet applications seen currently rarely have the integration of Artificial Intelligence to act intelligently to assist or help users but some software like Microsoft Word with the translation of text and games with AI. We can imagine if the software of tomorrow will contain components of AI for some specific treatments, the reason why I created this product to develop and easily integrate AI in my application programs or in my Web applications.

      It is an engine PROPOSITIONAL-TYPE with variables (from the new version 1.3) can operate in mixed chaining (forward chaining and back chaining) mode.


      It is a tool of development of integrated expert system named VESD (Visualization Expert System Development), a development without variable system that includes two independent parts:

- A graphical interface to create knowledge base, and to observe the reasoning in expert system. It offers a view the graph of dependencies of the knowledge base.

- The inference engine which makes the system able to "reason" from the rules and facts. The inference engine and knowledge base are designed in a library of classes to integrate in software and Web applications.

      We use VESD to develop the knowledge base in stating the rules and facts, VESD works with the ielib.dll (Engine Inference Library) library to perform the reasoning of an expert system from the base of the rules and facts.

      Ielib.dll Bookstore can be reused in other programs application to run the expert system which is developed with VESD, since this library is made in C# under environment Microsoft.NET, we could also use it to develop websites in ASP. Thus, we can imagine software and Web sites with the integration of AI.

      The idea, we use VESD software to develop expert system and then integrate it into computer applications.


New features

   In the version VESD, we've added rule duplication.

      In the version VESD, we've improved some features, and added the detection of identical rules. These are the rules that have the same number of premises and all the premises are the same.

      In the version 1.5 VESD, we have added the printing of facts and rules, so the execution result. We've also added the ability to open a file or an executable program in a conclusion, more import and export of test to Excel file.

      In the version 1.4 VESD, we have added the test management that allows to create, to record the various tests (View Run the expert system by visualizing his reasoning).

      In the version 1.3 VESD, we added variables and mathematical functions that enable to develop the expert system with variables and calculations scientists.

      View the demonstration of investment.

      View the demonstration of vocational guidance.