Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

      In this demonstration, we present a "vocational guidance" basis consists of more than one hundred rules and more than sixty facts, it is a vocational guidance system that gives:

- The ability according to the mean scores for each student.

- The fields that a student can invest for future training.

- The professions that a student might choose for the future.

   In this example of demonstration, you can also create a virtual student, give the notes with his tastes and abilities to get to measure proposals for vocational guidance. This may give us the idea of integration of A.I. in computer applications and web applications.


MathEnglishForeing languageBiologyChemistryPhysics
Average rating88,57,59,57,510
Average scientics9

Passions and abilities of adien
Passions and abilitiesAnswerVocational guidance
Accept the daily contact with diseases
  • Scientific skills
  • Literary skills
Have good human contacts
Have the good oral expression
Have the personal capital
Love the contact with young people
Love foreign languages
Accept the risk of x-ray
Love the handwork
Love tinker
Have the rigour of argument
Good speaker
Have good imagination
Have the logical rigor
Have good adaptability
Know about artificial Intelligence
Love chemistry
Love the system and computer networks
Love adventure
Have the good writing style
Love politics

      We believe that in the future the computer will no longer just a tool for surfing the internet, to watch or share photos, listen to the music or to type a simple text, but it would be able to help us. We can develop software, web sites more intelligence with the integration of Artificial Intelligence.