Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

VESD (Visualization Expert System Development Standard version)

      It's a graphical interface to manage and view the tree of the knowledge base. What we can do:

      Import and export the test in Excel file.

      VESD 1.5 version : We have added the printing of the base of facts and the base of rules thus execution result printing. We have also added a new function StartProcess() that can integrate into a conclusion to open a (.doc, .xls, jpg, .pdf, .xml) file or an executable program (.exe).

      Print the facts and rules, so the result of the execution.

      The command to open a file or a program in a conclusion.

      VESD 1.3 version : allows us to develop the expert system with variables and the use of mathematical functions for calculations scientists in the Rules.

      Create a fact with variables.

      Use math functions in the definition of premises and conclusions.